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Are you a patient or provider interested in learning about our successful Pain Stopper’s Protocols?

We integrate evidence based Functional and Regenerative Medicine to combat the root cause of the issues and not simply address the symptoms. We evaluate the individual’s history, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence long term health and chronic disease.

Our Most Frequently Requested Protocols are:

Are you a student who constantly worries about a test or class performance? Are you or someone you know suffering from PTSD? The individuals we work with have found our advanced therapeutic techniques highly effective.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about these therapies years ago? ” T.M., Army Veteran
“My grades and test scores are much higher, now I have the right tools” C.C, College Student C/O 2022

Have you or someone you love stopped doing the things they enjoy because the pain has taken over their lives? We often hear stories from our patient’s who simply want to garden or dance again. Many individuals state they don’t go out with family as much and are less active because of the pain, feeling their only option is to live with it.

“After 2 failed back surgeries and being barely able to walk because of sciatic pain, I shoveled snow off my driveway for the first time in 4 years, thanks for helping me get my life back!” Adam L, Author

“Prior to discovering Pain Stopper’s, I saw countless doctors that just kind of brushed me aside and that I didn’t have anything wrong with me. When someone finally pays attention, sees what is wrong and understands that you actually do have pain. DrK discovered my spinal stenosis, multiple disk herniations and fibromyalgia. Pain Stopper’s understood my needs and provided the protocols to address what I was experiencing and I noticed relief immediately” Alyssa D, PR/Marketing

“I’ve suffered for years with back problems and after going to a number of doctors trying to find out how to take care of my back, I went to neurologists, pain management specialists and tried a number of things, Dr. Shepard has been wonderful and the protocols have taken care of me. I’m not having problems like I used to have with my back.” Louis H, Retired Educator

“Being a coach for 35 years and working hard and heavy with some of the strongest guys in the world. You’re going to have some aches and pains as you get older. What I’ve found is Pain Stopper’s protocols and DrK’s Stopper are great products not good products but great products. My first try with Regenerative Medicine (at another facility) was not a success. The second one in the Pain Stopper’s office was great. I’m able to move my neck, have great flexibility and strength.“ Jeff M, retired Hall of Fame Collegiate Coach

Is your loved one forgetting important details or struggling with normal day to day activities? Are you constantly hearing the same stories or conversations? Have you been searching for evidenced based treatment options to help with Sundowner’s Syndrome (the pattern of confusion, agitation, sadness, fear and hallucinations experienced by dementia patients before nightfall)?

“The Pain Stopper protocols were of great help to my wife, the plan was simple to implement. The modifications made noticeable differences and my wife was more comfortable, less agitated and pleasant to be around. Richard L, Caregiver

Are you a professional or ameatur athlete training hard and working through moderate or intense pain? Has your recovery time increased due to your rigorous training schedule?

“I’m super happy to find a perspective that understands my needs as an athlete and body worker. With all the dance that I do. The protocols help me heal so I can help other people. I’ve found the perfect package to help me continue doing what I love to do. I’m very knowledgeable about my body but sometimes I, too, need help.” Ashley Z, Dancer, Body Worker and Pilates Instructor

“I’m a runner and fairly fit person, I like to work out and staying active is very important to me and my well being. In the course of my practices, I developed a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. Nothing would make it go away. I tried all the traditional calls for therapy. I did not want to do any steroid shots because I understand that will debilitate the tissue and be a problem in the future when the steroid shot wears off. I opted for therapy that includes Regenerative Medicine. I was amazed, the results were incredible. Literally the day after, I felt better.“ Kim S., Runner

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